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Giving Back

We at Cedarstone Advisors are so grateful for our clients and the communities in which we live. In years past we have enjoyed serving alongside you at our annual give back day. This year amidst the coronavirous pandemic, instead of physically serving together as we have done in the past, we would like to invite you to join us in donating to the Children Hunger Fund’s COVID-19 relief efforts in our local communities. You can read more about their efforts at

It is Easter Sunday and many of us will be celebrating the resurrection from our homes, sometimes with a small group of family, and sometimes by ourselves as we practice ‘social distancing’ to fight the Corornavirus. No longer able to go out and continue our hectic lives we are left to a somewhat solitary, quiet existence that is often starkly different from ‘normal’. It is as if we have all collectively been ‘sent to our rooms’. Given the events of the last few weeks, and the stress of the daily news cycle, perhaps being alone, or alone with our families, is exactly what we all need to contemplate what is most important, remember those that are hurting, and realize how blessed we truly are.

We hope you will join us in donating to this worthy organization at a critical time.

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