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Cedarstone Conference 2022 Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended our Cedarstone Conference 2022, whether at home or in person! Our team enjoyed catching up with all of you and spending some time together at the beautiful Four Seasons. Alongside a delicious breakfast and some pristine surroundings, we were educated by a number of speakers who helped us understand and respond to the current economic situation. Our experts spoke about the importance of giving, making decisions in uncertain times, and what the market looks like today. Here is a recap of the event and a link to the online recording for those who missed it.

Ian Noyes

As the regional director for National Christian Foundation, Ian Noyes helps people find effective methods of giving. He spoke about what money is—A tool, but also a force. Giving is one vital method of lessening the power money holds over our lives. Through stories about digging wells in Africa to setting up donor-advised funds, Ian inspired us to live more generously.

Phil Beccue

Phil comes to us from White Deer Partners, a consulting firm that helps companies and organizations make accurate and effective decisions. Using an illustration with one of the members of the audience, Phil showed us what it looks like to use a balance of probability and risk assessment to determine the best decision.

Steve Coker

Finally, our very own president Steve gave us an update on the current state of the market. While things may seem bleak, Steve reminded us that there are both pros and cons to the current economic situation. Inflation is the biggest worry; however, most of the factors causing the rise are temporary, meaning that this period of inflation is likely to recede.

If you are interested in viewing the recording of this event, please follow the link below.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you next year!


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