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Paul Lasiter Joins Cedarstone Advisors Investment Committee

Cedarstone Advisors announced today that Paul Lasiter has joined the firm’s investment committee. Paul currently serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Pepperdine University. In this role, Paul is responsible for all financial operations of the university (a $1.6 billion enterprise). In addition, Paul serves as co-chairperson of Pepperdine’s Retirement Plan Committee, overseeing the administration of the University’s retirement plans and is responsible for the selection and monitoring of all investment options available to plan participants. Total assets in the plans are in excess of $388 million.

As a member of the investment committee at Cedarstone, Paul will help define the investment strategy, and fund selection for the firm’s clients. Steve Coker, Founder and CEO said, “Not only is Paul one of the best investors I know, he also brings a rigorous institutional approach to investing that will serve Cedarstone’s clients well. We believe that good investing is based on good decisions and good decisions result from a rigorous, process-oriented approach. The Cedarstone Investment committee is one where ideas can be brought, challenged, defended and refined. Through that rigor, we make better decisions for our clients. I am so excited to have someone of Paul’s caliber and experience join the team.”

About Cedarstone Advisors

Cedarstone Advisors is a fee-only investment advisory firm based in Westlake Village, CA.

We believe there is more to investing than simply picking stocks and bonds. A successful investment strategy begins with careful planning to achieve a desired result. Money typically is not the end goal but a means to it. We help you articulate what you are trying to do with your assets and then craft the most efficient way to achieve your goals. Once we have a plan, we can match it with the appropriate asset allocation given your risk tolerance. We then finalize your plan with optimizing draw and tax strategies to make sure you get the most out of your assets.

Our hope during this process is to give you the confidence to go forward in life without having to stress about market fluctuations knowing that you have a plan that is not based on unrealistic market returns. Cedarstone is here to partner with you and to be a life-long relationship that we believe will be mutually beneficial. We cherish our clients and hope you too will become part of the Cedarstone family.

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