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Cedarstone Conference 2023 Recap

We had another successful conference at the Westlake Village Inn last week. Thank you to everyone who attended the Conference at home or in person. We deeply appreciate all of you!

This year we had informative sessions this year!

First, Jared Teach from Strive Asset Management provided us with an introduction to Strive, who focused on restoring the voice of the investor to corporate boardrooms. Jared shared how shareholder activism by a small number of investors is forcing corporations to make decisions that hurt profitability. He also shared how Strive seeks to counter this trend and keep companies focused on excellence.

Next, we heard from Carole Meitler from Cedarstone Advisors. Carole highlighted the tax planning work that Cedarstone is doing, and how Cedarstone seeks to complement the work of the tax preparer. Cedarstone seeks to be tax efficient in the investments, but more importantly Cedarstone analyzes your long-term tax situation to bring innovative ideas to the table. We walked through Roth conversion analysis as a key example.

Lastly, Steve Coker from Cedarstone Advisors provided an update on the market. Steve said that inflation remains one of the most critical economic measures. The Federal Reserve’s goal was to reduce inflation without causing a deep recession. So far, the Federal Reserve is ‘Staying on the path’ but there is a ditch on both sides, and we remain in a high-risk environment.

If you are interested in viewing the recording of this event, please follow the link below.


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