• Hannah Boundy

Old Goals (or New) - There’s Still Time to Contribute

Every January my family sits down to write out our goals for the year. Some goals are health related while others involving learning a new skill or reading a certain book. When it comes to our financial goals, we make it a point to max out our IRAs each year so that we can stay on track for retirement. If you’re looking to make that goal your own, you can set up monthly contributions for $458 to reach the $5,500 annual limit in December (541 if you're over the age of 50). If you didn’t max out your contribution last year, there’s still time to do so. Just make sure you get your contribution in by tax time (April 17th to be exact) and be sure to note which year you’d like it to count towards. As a reminder, once your income reaches a certain limit your ability to deduct traditional contributions or make contributions to a Roth IRA are phased out. For 2018, the phase out begins at $189,000 for those married filing jointly, up from $186,000 for 2017.

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