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The Clients of Cedarstone Are Not Normal

Last weekend, a group of our clients gave up their Saturday to come volunteer with us, helping package food for children in need. Sadly, I was officiating a friend's wedding and was unable to attend, but looking through the pictures I knew it was a great event, in part because I knew who was in attendance and I have it on record that they are truly phenomenal individuals.

Last week, Cedarstone President and all-around nice guy, Steve Coker, wrote a really kind article about how great the employees at Cedarstone are. That same week I received an email in response to his article reaffirming his sentiments and thanking myself and the rest of our staff for all the work we do. I also received a completely unrelated gift from an appreciative client and had several lovely phone calls and emails from other various clients. In the past, I’ve had clients email me to ask how motherhood is going and to offer words of encouragement. When we’ve posted about an accomplishment by one of our staff or shared something exciting happening at Cedarstone our clients celebrate with us. We’ve even received vacation photos and life updates from some of you; emails that we love to get because they remind us of why we do what we. The truth is, it’s much easier to work hard when you love what you do and as corny as it sounds, we love what we do because of who we get to do it for.

In the last few years, Cedarstone has experienced incredible growth and it’s all thanks to our incredible clients who have shared what we’re doing with those around them. Trusting someone with your finances and your future is a big deal and it has been truly humbling to receive that trust from so many remarkable individuals and to learn their stories and get to be a part of the lives they are building. We are so thankful for that trust and for the relationships we have with our clients and we continue to work hard to improve the client experience. In fact, as I type this, we are hard at work on some exciting new aspects of the client experience that will be coming your way this fall. We hope to continue to redefine financial planning and wealth management by making it all about our clients and their peace of mind and we want to thank our clients for making such innovation possible by continuing to support us and the type of company we’re building. We invite you to stay tuned in the coming months for some of the changes we’re working on and keep an eye out for your personal invitation to this year’s Client Appreciation Event.

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