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What's Worth Reading

At this year’s Cedarstone Investor Conference we had a discussion of what investment news is worth reading. While there is a tremendous amount of investment material out there, much is simply noise, and it is difficult to sift through the good from the bad. Now that we have the internet, just about anyone can present themselves as an ‘expert’ and give an opinion about investing, the stock market, and the economy.

Of course, whenever we are reading something it is important to be critical readers and consider the author’s qualifications and motivations. Is the author a seasoned investor with solid credentials? Is the author trying to sell me something for his own benefit? For example, many articles in Barron’s are written by mutual fund managers who are promoting their fund. One week you may read an article from a growth fund manager who believes that growth stocks are poised to outperform. The next week you may read an article from a value fund manager who argues just the opposite. Trying to follow each of these experts can be a dizzying and confusing exercise. Another example is the investment emails that many of us receive from ‘Newsletter’ experts who are trying to sell their newsletter expertise.

So what is worth reading? In my investing career, I have learned to read fewer, but more reputable sources. Here is my opinion on the best sources for investment and economic news:

The Economist The Financial Times The Wall Street Journal

It’s a short list, I know. But there is plenty of information in these publications that will challenge your thinking and allow you to understand what is happening in the world. Also, I would encourage you to consider reading investment books instead of investment ‘news’. Books provoke your thought and provide a deeper discussion than many of the short snippets you will often read on the internet. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks The Behavior Gap by Carl Richards Misbehaving by Richard Thaler

Of course, we hope that you also enjoy this newsletter. We hope to help you along in your investing journey.

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