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California's Vulnerable Counties

While California’s overall economy continues to grow, there are still parts of the Golden State that are struggling, remaining stagnant, and even shrinking. The California Economic Forecast recently published a list of counties in California that they believe are showing particular weakness and are “vulnerable” to a recession. The vulnerable counties are primarily in the northern and mountain regions of California. If you are wondering if your county is at risk, here is the list:

Alpine Amador Calaveras Del Norte Lake Lassen Mariposa Modoc Nevada Plumas Sierra Siskiyou Tehama Tuolumne

The counties listed have all experienced neutral or negative job growth, significantly lagging the broader state. In addition, the counties are experiencing and are forecast to have a shrinking population, a statistic that has significant implications for the overall economies and real estate prices in those regions. If you are living in one of these regions, or are considering an investment property, be aware that ‘everything is local’ in real estate, and the growth of that investment may not mirror the economy of the rest of California.

Schniepp, Mark. “Vulnerable Counties in California.” California Economic Forecast

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